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First Line: Our little earth fares bravely through the night
Last Line: Between the northern and the southern cross.
Subject(s): Constellations; Stars

Our little earth fares bravely through the night,
For though before her stranger darkness lies,
A host of friends attend her in the skies.
Northward, the two bears lead her with their white
Lantern, Polaris, and the Great Dog's light
Blazes a nearest trail. When Sirius dies
Out of the springtime east new torches rise
As down the west old beacons fade from sight.
That whirl of golden moths, the Pleiades,
Orion's giant suns, the red-eyed Bull
Depart, and the wee wanderer knows loss
Of Gemini's twin flames: instead, she sees
Altair and Scorpio, the beautiful,
Between the Northern and the Southern Cross.

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