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AT THE GATE, by                    
First Line: They drive me out of my country
Last Line: They'll be led by the alien jew.
Subject(s): Exiles; Jews; Travel; U.s. - Immigration And Emigration; Judaism; Journeys; Trips

THEY drive me out of my country,
They thrust me out of my land,
They call me an alien—I
Who had fought in the foreign band.

On the ice of the Amur River,
I and the starving few,
And my country paid me with curses
And called me an alien Jew.

They worship the Jew in the churches,
They murder the Jew in the street;
He taught them to love and to pity,
His kindred, they murder and beat.

His name they honor and glory,
His teachings they rarely do;
He cometh! The Russian will mock Him—
He, too, was an alien Jew.

How long! Oh, how long! is the wailing
Till Russia is judged at Thy bar—
With Egypt and Spain and with Asshur
Till Russia shall stand where they are?

See, the finger of God is writing,
Blasting the murdering crew;
See, the Pole and the Finn and the Cossack
And the God of the alien Jew.

They drive me out of my country,
To a foreign land I go;
They trained me to be a soldier,
They teach me to be their foe.

Their training will go with their teaching—
This tongue of mine speaks true;
When the foes are crowding upon her
They'll be led by the alien Jew.

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