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WINGED BEAUTY, by            
First Line: Mad audubon, whom failure could not blight
Last Line: And motile beauty, ever on the wing!
Subject(s): Audubon, John James (1785-1851); Beauty; Nature; Ohio River

Mad Audubon, whom failure could not blight,
Saw the Ohio, clear in emerald light,
With topaz ripples where the mallard king
Dived fishing; saw the sudden halcyon fling
A Chinese fan abroad, of azure, bright
As morning-glories; saw the zigzag flight
As of a bouncing yellow ball and swing
On tufted weed-top of that jocund thing,
The jet-winged goldfinch; shared the panic fright
Of chewinks at a buccaneering spright,
The frisking squirrel; heard the mezzo ring
Of blackbirds' carols; felt the fiddle-string
Vibration of the meadow lark's mad flight.
This was the Vision Splendid: everything
Was harmony; again as Adam might
He entered Eden, heard Creation sing
Eternal music, saw in a blaze of light
Triumph at last -- to hoard this fluttering
And motile Beauty, ever on the wing!

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