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HARMONY, by            
First Line: In the far spaces of eternity
Last Line: In their grand anthem discord has no place.

In the far spaces of eternity
The planets swing, each following some sun.
In perfect rhythm, each and every one,
The singing spheres keep time to harmony.

And this, our little earth, swings with its moon
To the sure rhythm of the Master Hand
Whose unseen movements are Divine command
To which the silent symphony must attune.

One discord and the Universe would fall;
One false note in the measured march of Time,
One halt, one pause in rhythm or in rhyme,
And then wild chaos would engulf us all.

But still they move in perfect harmony,
The near, cold moon, the farthest, unseen star;
There is perfection in each note and bar
Of the great paeon of eternity.

Only we trivial crawlers on the earth
Abound in discord, jangle out of tune,
Defy the majesty of night and noon,
And mock the very symphony of birth.

But still the singing spheres swing on through space
And heed us not, for in their harmony
No muted echoes come from such as we --
In their grand anthem discord has no place.

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