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IN THE MORNING, by            
First Line: Your body's silhouette stands darkly in the morning
Last Line: Fall asleep.
Subject(s): Longing; Morning

Your body's silhouette stands darkly in the morning before the troubled light
Of the drawn blinds. I sense, lying in bed, your face turned toward me like the

host in some dim rite.
As from my arms you loose yourself, your whispered "I must go" reaches the
farthest door of my dream's shuttered rest—
Now, as though veiled, I see your hand, as with deft touch it smooths the shirt

upon your breast. ...
The socks ... and now the coat ... the hair swept back ... already you are
strange, dressed for the world and the day ...
I open the door softly ... kiss you ... you nod, already far, a farewell ... and

are gone away.
I hear your soft tread on the steps, I listen, lying in bed again,
Again I am locked in the scent of your body, as streaming out of the pillows it

winds warmly into my brain.
Morning grows brighter. The curtain blows. Young wind and sun press inward,
flutter and peep.
Tears well up ... music of morning ... sung to by the dreams of morning softly I

fall asleep.

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