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HOUSE OF HOPE, by            
First Line: Still keep my eyes fast-blinded to the end
Last Line: And I shall live in love and sweet content.
Subject(s): Hope; Houses; Optimism


Still keep my eyes fast-blinded to the end
Of time. Let no interpreter arise
To tell me what the future holds, and send
Dismay to fill my heart, pain to my eyes.
Let no far-reaching dreams and plans transcend
The boundaries of earth, the reach of skies.
May no fanatic creeds and doctrines bend
My simple views with worn-out sophistries.

For I would know the glory of the rain,
The beauty of the snow, the warmth of sun;
Would fire my spirit on the peak and slope . . .
Drink in the far, elusive, wind-blown strain
Of whippoorwills, and watch the plover run . . .
And live contented in my house of hope.


I do not want a house built at great cost,
With pillared entrance and brass-plated door . . .
Above the hearth a legend deep-embossed,
Cold marble staircase and mosaic floor.
I would not buy a house built in new style
Which will outmode within a year or two;
Nor one which knows both wickedness and guile,
Nor yet one flanked with ostentatious view.

No, I shall buy a house where hope has dwelt,
Where childhood's happy voice and song were heard;
Where kindness was not only shown but felt
And truth was honored as a holy word.
In usefulness my life shall there be spent,
And I shall live in love and sweet content.

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