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A PASQUINADE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Has the marquis of lafayette
Last Line: "witness burgoyne, and two famous brothers!"
Variant Title(s): A New Song
Subject(s): American Revolution

"HAS the Marquis La Fayette
Taken off all our hay yet?"
Says Clinton to the wise heads around him:
"Yes, faith, Sir Harry,
Each stack he did carry,
And likewise the cattle -- confound him!

"Besides, he now goes,
Just under your nose,
To burn all the houses to cinder."
"If that be his project,
It is not an object
Worth a great man's attempting to hinder.

"For forage and house
I care not a louse;
For revenge, let the Loyalists bellow:
I swear I'll not do more
To keep them in humor,
Than play on my violoncello.

"Since Charleston is taken,
'T will sure save my bacon, --
I can live a whole year on that same, sir;
Ride about all the day,
At night, concert or play;
So a fig for the men that dare blame, sir.

"If growlers complain,
I inactive remain --
Will do nothing, nor let any others!
'T is sure no new thing
To serve thus our king --
Witness Burgoyne, and two famous Brothers!"

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