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NEW FRIENDSHIP, by            
First Line: Quivering, the white fawn / watched from an
Last Line: She springs down the pathway to meet him.
Subject(s): Friendship; Travel; Journeys; Trips

Quivering, the white fawn
Watched from an alder thicket,
Saw the frost-like etching on willows
And the blue gleams of swift waters,
But watched for the swaying of grasses
Where the trail curved down to the river.

So many times
She had fled to the depth of her thicket,
Startled by the swish of a tamarack bough
After a hunter had brushed it.

Then one day of sun and deep shadows
There were footsteps that crushed fragrant needles.
Trembling, with head erect, she paused,
Saw the glimmer of sunlight on the head of a traveler,
Heard the strong even footsteps,
And a new confidence held her there waiting.

The next time the traveler came
There was a tremor of breathing close to his pathway.

Next, a timid figure ventured the trail
And darted away in wild madness.

At last the rending throb of a heart,
As she stood poised, ready to bound away
At the least sudden sharp gesture.
But the traveler's eyes, clear and brown, looked into hers;
Gradually her trembling ceased
And the breath came deep and slow through her nostrils.

And now when she catches the scent of tamarack on the trail
And a head gleams through the green of the needles,
She springs down the pathway to meet him.

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