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CONSOLING BILLY, by            
First Line: There now, billy, stop your crying
Last Line: You'll forget him after a while.
Subject(s): Boys; Children; Consolation; Grief; Pain; Childhood; Sorrow; Sadness; Suffering; Misery

THERE now, Billy, stop your crying,
Tears won't bring Spot back to you;
I don't blame you, dear, for sighing,
Mamma's feeling sorry, too.
Oh, I know your heart's 'most breaking,
But the sight, when Billy cries,
Starts his mamma's heart to aching;
There now, honey, dry your eyes.

Spot was such a dear old fellow,
And a doggish heart true blue
Beat 'neath that rough old coat of yellow,
With a love, dear, all for you.
Yes, I know you'll miss him badly,
But, son, don't take it so hard;
We'll get you a new dog, gladly,
If you want one for your "pard."

All through life you'll meet with sorrow —
Sorrow that you'll have to bear,
But the sun will shine to-morrow,
And again all will be fair.
There now, Billy, stop your crying,
Dry your tears and try to smile;
Old Spot's gone — there's no use sighing,
You'll forget him after a while.

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