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ODYSSEY 9, by            
First Line: There is a strand beloved beyond all telling
Last Line: But the dark hulls of odysseus seeking home.

THERE is a strand beloved beyond all telling
By all whose steps have marked the sounding shore,
Where the long cool azure of the waters, swelling
And waning, ripples low for evermore.
Sweeping high heaven ward the white cliffs score,
Clear-cut and insolent, the silent sky,
Flecked with the gleam of wings that wheel and soar,
Where the waste places of the heavens lie.

All we, whose hearts were sick, have lost our pain there,
Finding therein no shameful paths to roam:
We have renewed our jaded loves again there
And watched the sunlight dancing on the foam;
Cyclops and no man, naught to sting and stain there
But the dark hulls of Odysseus seeking home.

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