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SUNRISE, by            
First Line: The eastern sky is filled
Last Line: Dawn.
Subject(s): Dawn; Happiness; Singing & Singers; Sun; Sunrise; Joy; Delight

The eastern sky is filled
With a deep blue haze.
The quiet world seems to quiver
As if waiting for some great event.
The tiny waves start to whisper,
One to another,
Along the sandy shore.

Tiny jets of flame
Run along the horizon line.
On the world's
Most picturesque frontier.

Rays of light drive
Through the morning mist,
And pierce the white clouds above.
Soon the eastern sky is ablaze
With wondrous colors,
Too exquisite for words.
A delicate bluish pink,

The shadings waver and shift.
Gradually the sunlight
Grows brighter.
The once placid lake
With crimson.

Along the frost-covered shore
A bird or two,
Hardy adventurers,
Begin to sing
As if the world is born again.
An automobile
Rumbles along
The nearby road.

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