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First Line: The moon shines
Last Line: Take carelessly, and carelessly.
Variant Title(s): On The Freedom Of Ireland
Subject(s): Nationalism - Ireland


The moon shines,
And the wind blows,
And the heart knows,

Carelessly, and carelessly!
That to them each thing inclines,
And that everything is free!

All that is, is given to thee!
Take the love, that comes and goes!
Uncomplaining, thankless, be,

As the moon, the bird, the rose,
Thankless, uncomplaining, are
Beauty, Music, and a Star!


Call, and come, and come, and call!
Nothing is denied the gay!
All to each, and each to all,

Fall, and flow, and go away;
As the moon shines, and the heart knows;
Carelessly, as the wind blows!

Not for duty we fulfill
Lovely motions -- 'tis for naught!
All the will of good and ill,

All of ignorance, and thought,
All are harmless, if we are
Free as Wind, and Rose, and Star.


Taking all of cherishing
That befall, or may not fall,
As a happy, chancing, thing,

Some for each, and all for all;
Taking all the haps that be
Carelessly, and carelessly!

Life comes on, with not a word!
Love is love, on no demand!
Death, unasked, hath him bestirred,

Lifting all up by the hand!
All that fall he stoops above
Lovingly, for he is Love!


Love is round, and round, and round!
Everywhere, in every spot,
It is lost, and it is found,

Here it is -- and here is not!
Man, and beast, and bird, and snake,
Take, and take, and take, and take,

As the Moon takes up the sight!
As the Rose takes up the shower!
As the Heart takes all Delight,

Might and Beauty for its dower!
All that is -- for all is free --
Take carelessly, and carelessly.

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