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ANYBODY'S, by            
First Line: You dainty piece of bric - a - brac
Last Line: You adorable babe—beginning to talk!
Subject(s): Babies; Innocence; Infants

You dainty piece of bric-a-brac
With rosebud mouth and graceful back
Fair velvety skin and eyes sky blue
A mop of curls of golden hue
Chubby knees and ruby lips
Where one NECTAR freely sips,
Dimpled elbows—cheeks and wrists
Two tiny little playful fists
A saucy PUG—ten wee pink toes
And a speck of ivory that barely shows.

You're soft and warm, just made to love
A ray of sunshine from above
Cooing in breaths of rhythmic tune
Fragrant as roses blooming in JUNE
Your touch so tender—so sweet your smile,
Your innocence and purity—refreshing—worth while
You precious live bundle—attempting to walk
You adorable BABE—beginning to talk!

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