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CHILDHOOD, by            
First Line: I watched a little child one day
Last Line: Unpleasantries all in forgetfulness burn.
Subject(s): Aging; Children; Play; Childhood

I watched a little child one day
Droll and happy—full of play
Frolic—jump and dance around
Like a brooklet ocean bound
The living image of innocence demure
Sweet as an angel and just as pure
And watching him a thought came to me
Why must you grow up a MAN to be
When NOW you're so happy, gay and free?

Would we be as happy after all
If pathways were roses with never a fall
If Childhood would everlastingly rock
And ne'er experience a single hard knock
Surely 'tis all as it's meant to be
God's well laid plans fit perfectly.

So 'tis best to be children as long as we may;
Keep ourselves young by indulgence in play;
And even in AGE to childhood return
Unpleasantries all in forgetfulness burn.

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