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THE PLEASANT RIVER GUSHES, by             Poet's Biography
Last Line: "tush"" shall be god's remark!"
Alternate Author Name(s): Stevenson, Robert Lewis Balfour

THE pleasant river gushes
Among the meadows green;
At home the author tushes;
For him it flows unseen.

The Birds among the Bushes
May wanton on the spray;
But vain for him who tushes
The brightness of the day!

The frog among the rushes
Sits singing in the blue.
By 'r la'kin! but these tushes
Are wearisome to do!

The task entirely crushes
The spirit of the bard:
God pity him who tushes''"
His task is very hard.

The filthy gutter slushes,
The clouds are full of rain,
But doomed is he who tushes
To tush and tush again.

At morn with his hair-brushes,
Still "tush" he says, and weeps,
At night again he tushes,
And tushes till he sleeps.

And when at length he pushes
Beyond the river dark''"
'Las, to the man who tushes,
"Tush" shall be God's remark!

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