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REDWOODS, by            
First Line: Not all the piles of rome and greece
Last Line: And point the ancient stars.
Subject(s): History; Sequoia Trees; Historians; Redwoods

Not all the piles of Rome and Greece,
The glory that was Tyre's,
Can match the ancient templed peace
Of these tall redwood spires.

Not all the pomp of heraldry,
The power of passing stars,
Can match the quiet majesty
With which they point the stars.

For Christ in far Jerusalem
So long and long ago,
These living trees sang requiem
In stately row on row.

When Philip ruled in Macedon,
When Homer's tales were told,
When Judah marched on Ascalon,
These trees were tall and old.

New races still shall wax and wane,
With Tyre's their dust be laid,
Still shall these mighty trees remain,
A green and gracious shade.

Untroubled by our shifting sand,
By race that builds or mars,
Still shall these living redwoods stand
And point the ancient stars.

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