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PASSAGE, by            
First Line: It makes no difference
Last Line: That time works changes there.

It makes no difference
that a year's gone by?
We live and love
beneath the same old sky?
We stand at night
beneath the same old moon
and dwell beneath the same old sun
at noon?

It makes no difference
are we prone to say?
Mere dawns, mere days,
then once again 'tis May --
birds madly singing,
flowers in rampant bloom
and memories fading
on the Old Year's tomb?

yet hardly can we say
that 'tis in all
just like the last year's May?
Some little joy is gone
that we held dear --
and dreams left over,
look absurd, and queer!

yet here and there behold
life's turquoise sky patched-up
with tarnished gold,
while shifting sky-lines
force us to declare
(in feigned jest)
that time works changes there.

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