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First Line: Saint mark's objections reached me where I stood
Last Line: "mark's voice broke, ""oh . . . A war . . . It killed the soul."
Subject(s): Mark, Saint (c. 46 A.d.)

Saint Mark's objections reached me where I stood.
"This Judgment Day God overworks the boon
Of mending broken souls -- it's long past noon.
I wonder who'll be next." His hand, a hood
To shade his eyes began to tremble. Could
Some earth-thing make this Saint afraid? . . . A moon
Rose up, blood-colored, from below . . . The croon
Of mourning voices swelled . . . then died. I should
Have feared the endless file the deathly roll
Of drums announced, for they stood grimly still
At last, expressionless. God eyed the whole
Of them and wept . . . and cried, "You are too ill
To heal." I gasped, "What caused this cruel toll?"
Mark's voice broke, "Oh . . . a war . . . it killed the soul."

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