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THE DREAM-SELLER MAN, by            
First Line: The dream-seller came to the little by-street
Last Line: Go there, if you'd sell any dreams today.
Subject(s): Dreams; Nightmares

The Dream-Seller came to the little by-street,
His smile was misty, yet grave and sweet,
As he knocked on the door where his footsteps led,
At the house of The Lady-Who-Sews-for-Bread.
He lifted the veil from his basket lid,
And showed where his beautiful dreams lay hid;
Some golden, some sparkling, some violet-gray,
And smiled, as he said, "Any dreams today?"

"Oh, Dream-Seller Man, don't you know right well,
'Tis not here you must come with dreams to sell;
'Tis not to the poor, who spin and weave
Dreams and hopes with the air they breathe;
Each attic chamber has its loom;
There's a spindle of dreams in each small hall room.
No, Dream-Seller; go to the side of town
Where the mansions are grand, and big and brown,
Where the wealthy are busy with dress and play,
Go there, if you'd sell any dreams today.

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