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STANZAS, by            
First Line: Not on this earth, beloved, shall we meet
Last Line: Alas! For us the future wove love's shroud!
Alternate Author Name(s): Lorrain, Miss

"Friends who by practice of some envious skill
Were torn apart, a wide wound, mind from mind,
She did unite again with visions dear
Of fond affection, and of truth sincere."

NOT on this earth, beloved, shall we meet;
Not in this weary world of sighs and tears,
Where life is meted out by days and years,
Shall we again our plighted faith repeat;
But in some mansion blest,
Where happy spirits rest,
Some star perchance in space, whose far-off light
Gleam'd on thy upturn'd brow, when first you swore
To love me always, love me evermore,
Passion's bright dawn, that set in darkest night.

In loneliness and silence oft I gaze
Upon the midnight glories of the skies,
When world on world man's feeble sense defies;
Till overwhelm'd by the refulgent blaze
Of Deity reveal'd, my soul is still'd,
And with its immortality is fill'd.
Ah! then for thee, in deep but wordless prayer,
My spirit, as if borne on angel-wings,
Pleads for thee with the mighty King of kings,
To guide and guard thee safe through every snare

For both, the sorrow that makes desolate,
Hath brimm'd a cup whose anguish and dismay
Wither'd the spring-buds of life's early day;
Dreamers upon the brink of adverse fate,
With childlike trust its stormy billows greeting,
At morn's farewell, and evening's blessed meeting;
Love threw his rainbow on the coming cloud,
And Faith, the angel of this world of tears,
Pointed with radiant brow to future years.
Alas! for us the Future wove Love's shroud!

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