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JOHN JONES: 2. BY THE CLIFF, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Is it daytime (guess
Last Line: Shut the book.
Subject(s): Day; Soul


Is it daytime (guess),
You that feed my soul
To excess
With that light in those eyes
And those curls drawn like a scroll
In that round grave guise?
No or yes?


Oh, the end, I'd say!
Such a foolish thing
(Pure girls' play!)
As a mere mute heart,
Was it worth a kiss, a ring,
This? for two must part --
Not to-day.


Look, the whole sand crawls,
Hums, a heaving hive,
Scrapes and scrawls --
Such a buzz and burst!
Here just one thing's not alive,
One that was at first --
But life palls.


Yes, my heart, I know,
Just my heart's stone dead --
Yes, just so.
Sick with heat, those worms
Drop down scorched and overfed --
No more need of germs!
Let them go.


Yes, but you now, look,
You, the rouged stage female
With a crook,
Chalked Arcadian sham,
You that made my soul's sleep's dream ail --
Your soul fit to damn?
Shut the book.

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