Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, HUNGARIAN LOVE-LAMENT, by ETHEL SYFORD

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First Line: They say the cranes last night did cry
Last Line: Overhead.
Subject(s): Hungary; Love - Complaints

THEY say the cranes last night did cry
I did not hear them,
For in a hut by Tisza's torrents
My love lies dead.
I heard the whinny of her milk-white steed
Calling to her,
That heard I.
They say the oak-tree's leaves are sere —
What care I?
I have some faded violets;
Those I hold dear —
She gave them me.
They say that Szolnok's field's afire;
If so, I care not.
That could not keep me from my love
Were she not cold.
Saw'st Szolnok's flames?
Oh, well, they could not warm me;
My blood is chilled.
They say three gypsies at the tavern
Sang their songs.
Let them sing!
I could not dance —
I am too lonely for their minstrelsy.
I wish my love might waken,
But she cannot.
Fresh violets she would bring me,
But she will not.
For cold in death she lies, by Tisza's torrents,
And she'll not come again!
She cannot.
Let the wild cranes cry, far and high,

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