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WIND AND SEA, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: The sea is a jovial comrade
Last Line: Are singing the selfsame strain!
Alternate Author Name(s): Taylor, James Bayard
Subject(s): Sea; Wind; Ocean


THE sea is a jovial comrade,
He laughs wherever he goes;
His merriment shines in the dimpling lines
That wrinkle his hale repose;
He lays himself down at the feet of the Sun,
And shakes all over with glee,
And the broad-backed billows fall faint on the shore,
In the mirth of the mighty Sea!


But the Wind is sad and restless,
And cursed with an inward pain;
You may hark as you will, by valley or hill,
But you hear him still complain.
He wails on the barren mountains,
And shrieks on the wintry sea;
He sobs in the cedar, and moans in the pine.
And shudders all over the aspen tree.


Welcome are both their voices,
And I know not which is best, --
The laughter that slips from the Ocean's lips,
Or the comfortless Wind's unrest.
There's a pang in all rejoicing,
A joy in the heart of pain,
And the Wind that saddens, the Sea that gladdens,
Are singing the selfsame strain!

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