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First Line: My dear, deare, lord I do thee saviour call
Last Line: I have enough. Enough in having thee.
Subject(s): Puritans In Literature

My Dear, Deare, Lord I do thee Saviour Call:
Thou in my very Soul art, as I Deem,
Soe High, not High enough, Soe Great; too small:
Soe Deare, not Dear enough in my esteem.
Soe Noble, yet So Base: too Low; too Tall:
Thou Full, and Empty art: Nothing, yet ALL.

A Precious Pearle, above all price dost 'bide.
Rubies no Rubies are at all to thee.
Blushes of burnisht Glory Sparkling Slide
From every Square in various Colour'd glee
Nay Life itselfe in Sparkling Spangles Choice.
A Precious Pearle thou art above all price.

Oh! that my Soul, Heavens Workmanship (within
My Wicker'd Cage,) that Bird of Paradise
Inlin'de with Glorious Grace up to the brim
Might be thy Cabbinet, oh Pearle of Price.
Oh! let thy Pearle, Lord, Cabbinet in mee.
I'st then be rich! nay rich enough for thee.

My Heart, oh Lord, for thy Pomander gain.
Be thou thyselfe my sweet Perfume therein.
Make it thy Box, and let thy Pretious Name
My Pretious Ointment be emboxt therein.
If I thy box and thou my Ointment bee
I shall be sweet, nay, sweet enough for thee.

Enough! Enough! oh! let me eat my Word.
For if Accounts be ballanc'd any way,
Can my poore Eggeshell ever be an Hoard,
Of Excellence enough for thee? Nay: nay.
Yet may I Purse, and thou my Mony bee.
I have enough. Enough in having thee.

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