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First Line: A feast is said to be for laughter made
Last Line: My heart shall end thy supper with an hymn.
Subject(s): Feasts; Puritans In Literature

A Feast is said to be for Laughter made.
Belshazzars Feast was made for Luxury.
Ahashueru's feast for pomp's displayde.
George Nevill's Feast at Yorks, for gluttony.
But thou my Lord a Spirituall Feast hast dresst
Whereat the Angells gaze. And Saints are Guests.

Suppose a Feast in such a Room is kept
Thats deckt in flaming Guildings every where,
And richest Fare in China Chargers deckt
And set on golden Tables. Waiters there
In flaming robes waite pouring Royall wine
In Jasper Cups out. Oh! what glories shine?

But all this Glorious Feast seems but a Cloud,
My Lord, unto the Feast thou makst for thine.
Although the matters thou hast thine allowd,
Plain as a pike Staffe bee, as Bread and Wine,
This feast doth fall below thine, Lord, as far
As the bright Sun excells a painted Star.

Thine is a Feast, the Funerall feast to prize
The Death, Oh! my Redeemer, of the Son
Of God Almighty King of Heaven and'ts joys,
Where spirituall food disht on thy Table comes.
All Heavenly Bread and Spirituall Wine, rich rare,
Almighty gives, here's Mannah, Angells Fare.

This Feast indeed yields gracious Laughing ripe
Wherein its Authour laugheth Hell to Scorn:
Lifts up the Soule that drowns in tears, a wipe
To give th'old Serpent. Now his head piece's torn.
Thou art, my Lord, the Authour, and beside
The Good Cheer of this Feast, as Crucifide.

The Palace where thou this dost Celebrate
Is New Jerusalem with Precious Stones
Walld in: all pavde with Gold: and Every Gate,
A precious pearle: An Angell keeps each one.
And at the Table head, more rich than gold,
Dost sit thyselfe, and thy rich fare unfold.

Thy Table's set with fare that doth Excell
The richest Bread, and Wine that ever were
Squeezd out of Corn or Vines: and Cookt up well.
Its Mannah, Angells food. Yea, Heavens Good Cheer.
Thou art the Authour, and the Feast itselfe.
Thy Table Feast hence doth excell all wealth.

Thou sittest at the table head in Glory,
With thy brave guests With grace adornd and drest.
No Table e're was set like thine, in Story,
Or with such guests as thine was ever blesst,
That linings have embroider'd as with gold,
And upper robes all glorious to behold.

They'r Gods Elect, and thy Selected Ones,
Whose Inward man doth ware rich robes of Grace,
Tongues tipt with Zion Languague, Precious Stones.
Their Robes are quilted ore with graces lace.
Their Lives are Checker work of th'Holy Ghost.
Their 'ffections journy unto Heavens Coast.

The Subjects that at first sat at this feast
With Christ himselfe, faithfull Disciples were
Whose gracious frames 'fore this time so increast
Into Apostleship that brought them here.
Who when Christ comes in Glory, saith, they shall
Sit with him on twelve thrones in's Judgment hall.

These sample out the Subjects and the Guests
That Welcome are unto this Table bright,
As Qualifide Disciples up well drest
In Spiritual apparell whitend white
Else Spot there's in this feast. They cannot thrive
For none can eate, or ere he be alive.

Thou satst in flaming Grace at table head.
Thy flaming Grace falling upon the rest
That with thee sat, did make their graces shed
Their Odours out most sweet which they possesst.
Judas that graceless wretch packt hence before.
That onely gracious ones enjoyd this Store.

Lord Deck my Soule with thy bright Grace I pray:
That I may at thy Table Welcome bee,
Thy hand Let take my heart its Captive prey
In Chains of Grace that it ne're slip from thee.
When that thy Grace hath set my heart in trim
My Heart shall end thy Supper with an Hymn.

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