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First Line: My sweet-sweet lord who is it, that e're can
Last Line: In tunes perfumed, thus in ery string.
Subject(s): Puritans In Literature

My sweet-sweet Lord who is it, that e're can
Define thyselfe, or Mine affections strong
Unto thyselfe with inke? Who is the man
That ever did, or can these riches Sum?
Thy Sweetness no description can define
Nor Pen and Inke can my hearts Love out line.

The Breathings of thy Spice beds Gardens Spot,
And of thy sweet sweet flowers stowd in th'Aire
This sweet breath breatht out from thy Garden knot
Perfume the Skies and all their riches fair.
Thy Garden Bed thy Civet Box gives vent,
To th'Gales of Spiced Vapors, sweetest Sent.

Thy Bed of Spices in thy Garden Spots,
Perfumes most sweetly as they are inspir'd.
With thy rich Spirits breath, thy flower Pots
Breathe out such Sweetness, that's by Saints desir'd
Ascending up in gracious exercise
Making these beds of Spices thy sweet Joyes.

Thou dost delight to visit these, and make
These spicy beds thy blissfull Couches bright
And Visits them even from thy Palace Gate
And walkst their alies with most sweet delight.
This Sweetness that perfumes bright Glory clear
Perfumes thy joyes, perfumed joyes are here.

And all the Sweetness of these Beds of Spice
Doth Spiritually perfume these beds of Saints
That they breath in and out perfume, whose price
Excells all precious jewells, never faints.
Set me a Lilly in, thy Bed of Spice,
With sweetend breath, my Lord e're to rejoyce.

If thou allowst me setting in this Bed
Of Spices set in spirituall ranks therein
With Gusts of Spirituall Odors ever fared,
(Oh! sweet perfum! oh blessed blissfull thing)
I shall suck in and out as sweetend fare,
As ever did perfume the Clear cleare Aire.

Lord, make my sweetned Lungs out sweet Breath send.
'Twill make thy Spice Beds still more sweet to bee.
This Aire all sweetned will its sweetness lend,
And make my heart thereby more sweet for thee.
I shall breath Sweetness in and out to thee
And in my Spicy Lodgen will lodge thee.

The gales of Graces breath shall rise most sweet
To thee, my Lord; me sweet with Graces Spice.
A mutuall sweetness then shall be the reek
Thy Garden aire that Carrys there, my voice.
Then shall my tongue thy Sweetend praises sing
In tunes perfumed, thus in ery String.

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