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First Line: My blessed-glorious lord, thy spouse I spie
Last Line: And feed me with, I'le then thy praises sing.
Subject(s): Puritans In Literature

My blessed-Glorious Lord, thy Spouse I spie
Most Glorious in thine Eye that ther is none
That may compare with her under the Skie,
Nay Heaven itselfe can't shew such other One.
Her wandring t'seek thee when that thou withdrew
Didst from her, cause her heart ach Sobs renew.

Then thy sweet calls thus said, Return Return
Oh! Shulamite, return and do not feare:
And as this gladsom Sound forbad to mourn.
Did touch her heart as it did touch her Eare.
That vitall faith turnd from her wandring State
Shee findes her Soule enricht with Graces plate.

Her steps returning, her Lord beholds her Shooes
Ore laid with beauty far out shining Gold.
Her huckle joynts like precious pearls he viewes
Like precious Stones that golden rings enfold,
Which he beholding doth to her thus crie,
Oh Beautious daughter and for very joye.

Thy Spirituall Navill like the Altars Bowle
Filld full of Spirituall Liquor to refresh
The Spirits babes conceived in thy Soule
The Altars Bason that its blood to dress
The Altar sprinkled with it and t'atone
Herself and hers and ease her of her Grone.

Her Belly where her Spirituall Offspring's bred
Is like an heap of Wheate most Choice and fine
With fragrant Lillies richly selvidged
Making the whole most beautifully shine.
Her spirituall strength these arteries and nerves keep
Holding up, and upholding of all most sweet.

Here's Spirits of the Spirits Chymistrie
And Bisket of the Spirits Backhouse best
Emblems of Sanctifying Grace most high
Water and Bread of spirituall life up dresst.
Here's Meat and Drinke to nourish grace in Sum
And feed the Spouses infants in her womb.

Hereby is shown her spirituall growth in Grace,
Whereby she able rises to bring forth
Her spirituall offspring of a spirituall race
Her Saints, and Sanctifying Grace their growth.
Her Spirituall Navill buttoning all her Store
Of Liquour rich the Spirits Wine fat pure,

Of spirituall rich distilled Sanctity
Its sweetest dews to moisten all her fruite.
Here's food to feed her infant Saints whereby
They up are Cherisht well in branch and root;
Races of Saints do from her belly flow
That to supply her Spousehood up do grow.

Hence Spirituall Babes hang sucking of her breasts
And draw thence th'Spirituall milk of these milk bowles
And of this Wheat eat plumb bread too the best.
That nurish do and fatten holy Souls.
My Bisket sop her Basons liquour in
And feed me with, I'le then thy praises sing.

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