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First Line: My deare deare lord what shall I render thee?
Last Line: And tune thy praise in beams of glorious light.
Subject(s): Puritans In Literature

My Deare Deare Lord what shall I render thee?
Words spoken are but breesing boxed Winde.
If written onely inked paper bee.
Unless truth mantle, they bely the minde.
Is this sylabicated jumble whist
Out of my pen, for thee fit meed by my fist?

My deare dear Lord, thou king of Gloriousness,
Who can sufficiently thyself admire?
The Heavens themselves cannot the same express.
It then their Covering ascends still Higher.
Nor can the Heavens e're thy glory hold.
Its brightness doth exceed all pearls, and Gold.

I fain would give thee all my Love and all
Its Cabbinet wherein it keeps its Case.
My heart with it, yea, and myselfe too shall
Go with it to thee, that in holy chase
Is all too foule and small a thing for thee.
Yet I no better finde to furnish mee.

If thus my Love dresst with the Quintessence
Of its choice Faith and dear affection,
Extract by thy Spirits Chymistry, Expence
Being for this thing this rich Ejection
'Twould be onely Sweate of thy drops of Grace
Upon my heart, thus trickling down my face.

These Spirits of Love with th'Quintesses pure
Of all th'affection never could the Eye
Ever behold thy Glory, nor endure
To look upon it without dazling joy.
Thy beaming Glory falling on its Sight
Would make its Vision darke as dark as night.

Thy Glory Lord all other glory blinds.
The glory of thy Nature pure Divine.
The glory that thy Human Nature joyns,
Out shines all mortall glory that doth shine.
Thy Persons glory makes all others Smutt
And seem to it but like to Chimny Sut.

The Glory of thy Human birth, by right
Did make an Host of glorious Angells sing.
And all their spirituall instruments and pipes
Melodiously tune praises to our King.
Thus when God brought his First born Son to light
He said ye Angells Worship him aright.

Thy glory shone through ery step thou tookst
And did attend each word dropt from thy tongue.
Thy Doctrine did shine out thy life like shoots
And glorious miracles were * * * along
With * * * * * * * * * this life full cleare
And made the actions of thy life bright here.

The glory of thy powerfull words did make
The fiends of hell to tremble and to fly.
And made their stoughtest blades their hearts to quake.
And turn away their feet, and out to cry.
The wind and Sea amaizd stand still. Divills shrinke.
The Sun within the Skies hereby's made blinke.

The Grave is gilded where thy body lay
Even with thy glory. That Sting of death puld out.
The Earth a dancing fell when thy bright day
Of its uprising shining all about
Angells put on their glorious robes to tend
Thy tryumph over death and as thy friends.

And still to make our Happiness compleate
Thou art top full of Grace and truth Wherby
The Object art of Intellects the Seate
In us and of our Wills, therein to 'ploy.
Themselves in truth and Goodness at thy Will
These Faculties with happiness, to th'fill.

Then thou upon the Wings of Glories Beams
Ridst through the realm of th'Enemies; the Skies:
Unto thy throne of Glorys brightest Streams
And hosts of Sparkling Angells glorious wise.
And whilst thy Captives thou dost Captive bring
The Heavens thy Triumphant glory sing.

Such glory ne'er seen under the Canopy
The Copes of Heaven these golden letters savour
This truth, we saw his Glory gloriously
As th'glory of th'onely Son of th'Father.
Lord ope mine eyes to se thy glory bright
And tune thy praise in beams of glorious light.

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