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First Line: An head, my lord, an honourable piece
Last Line: And then my heart thy headships praise shall sing.
Subject(s): Puritans In Literature

An Head, my Lord, an honourable piece;
Nature's high tower, and wealthy Jewelry;
A box of Brains, furld up in reasons fleece:
Casement of Senses: Reason's Chancery:
Religions Chancell pia-mater'd ore
With Damask Roses that Sweet wisdom bore.

This is, my Lord, the rosie Emblem sweet,
Blazing thyselfe out, on my mudd wall, fair,
And in thy Palace, where the rosy feet
Of thy Deare Spouse doth thee her head thus ware.
Her Head thou art: Head glory of her Knot.
Thou art her Flower, and she thy flower pot.

The Metall Kingdoms had a Golden head,
Yet had't no brains, or had its brains out dasht.
But Zions Kingdome fram'd hath better sped,
Through which the Rayes of thy rich head are lasht.
She wares thee Head, thou art her strong defence
Head of Priority, and Excellence.

Hence art an head of Arguments so strong
To argue all unto thyselfe, when bent
And quickly tongue ty, or pluck out the tongue
Of all Contrary pleas or arguments.
It makes them weake as water, for the tide
Of Truth and Excellence rise on this Side.

Lord, let these barbed Arrows from thy bow
Fly through mine Eyes, and Eares to strike my heart.
And force my Will, and Reason to thee so
And stifle pleas made for the other part
That so my Soule, rid of their Sophistry
In rapid flames of Love to thee may fly.

My Metaphors are but dull Tacklings tag'd
With ragged Non-Sense. Can such draw to thee
My stund affections all with Cinders clag'd,
If thy bright beaming headship touch not mee?
If that thy headship shines not in mine eyes,
My heart will fuddled ly with wordly toyes.

Lord play thy Excellency on this pin
To tongue ty other pleas my gadding heart
Is tooke withall. Chime my affections in
To serve thy Sacred selfe with Sacred art.
Oh! let thy Head stretch ore my heart its wing
And then my Heart thy Headships praise shall sing.

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