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First Line: I fain would have a rich, fine phansy ripe
Last Line: Thy glory make the web, thy praise the twine.
Subject(s): Puritans In Literature

I fain would have a rich, fine Phansy ripe
That Curious pollishings elaborate
Should lay, Lord, on thy glorious Body bright
The more my lumpish-heart to animate.
But searching ore the Workhouse of my minde,
I but one there; and dull and meger finde.

Hence, Lord, my Search hand thou from this dark Shop
(Its foule, and wanteth Sweeping) up unto
Thy Glorious Body whose bright beames let drop
Upon my heart: and Chant it with the Show.
Because the Shine that from thy body flows,
More glorious is than is the brightest Rose.

Sun Shine is to this Glory but a Smoke.
Saints in their brightest Shines are clouds therein.
Bright Angells are like motes i'th'Sun unto't.
Its Beames gild heavens bright Hall, that's sparkling.
Of all Created Glory, that doth shine
Thy Bodies Glory is most bright and fine.

The Beauty of Humanity Compleate,
Where ery organ is adepted right,
Wherein such Spirits brisk, do act full neate
Make Natures operations fully ripe.
All Harmonizing in their actions done
That ery twig's with glorious blossoms hung.

And still more sweet: thou'rt with more glory deckt.
The Glory of ripe Grace of brightest kinde
Like lumps of living Fire, by nothing Checkt
Thrumping the Stars, as pinking things half blinde.
This makes thy Bodies glory Choice and fine,
A spirituall light in Corporall Lanthorn shine.

Yea, still more Glory. Oh! thy Humane Frame
Is th'brightst Temple of the Holy Ghost.
Whose Rayes run through the Whole in brightest flame.
Hence on thy body campeth Glories Hoast.
What more can still be said? I add but this.
That Glory bright thy Bodies Tilt-Clothe is.

Oh! Glorious Body! Pull my eye lids ope:
Make my quick Eye, Lord, thy brisk Glory greet,
Whose rapid flames when they my heart revoke
From other Beauties, make't for thee more sweet.
If such blest Sight shall twist my heart with thine,
Thy Glory make the Web, thy Praise the Twine.

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