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First Line: What wrecks of time and storm are crumbling here!
Last Line: To faiths that blaze immaculately bright.
Subject(s): Mountains; Hills; Downs (great Britain)

WHAT wrecks of Time and Storm are crumbling here!
The rocks that seemed eternal shattered lie,
And pines that sang their glorias to the sky
In mute dismemberment stretch prone and drear.
Beneath this gloomful shade, wide-spreading near,
What hidden thoughts in loneliness may sigh,
What spirits of the past may wander by,
Their cheeks bedewed with unavailing tear!
But look beyond: the towering summits glow
With grand magnificence of dazzling light,
That tints with rainbow hues their bosoming snow.
And as we gaze, a more than mortal might
Lifts the rapt soul from all the glooms below
To faiths that blaze immaculately bright.

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