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First Line: If they shall say, 'he had no task on earth'
Last Line: And show me the new heaven, and promised earth.

IF they shall say, "He had no task on earth,"
And if no soul reanimate my dust,
No record like the memory of the Just
Circle my name -- that is not of a worth
To claim renown or leave regret behind;
Then, Nature, mould thou of my broken clay
A little plot against the western wind
Not quite within, nor all apart from day;
Which violets blue may shadow with their bells:
And haply in some far millennial year,
When Hate hath fled away with Evil and Fear,
And War is dead, and Love among us dwells,
Haply, on some Spring morn of golden hours,
Thy gracious hand shall bid me gently forth
From painless slumbers underneath the flowers,
And show me the new Heaven, and promised Earth.

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