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YOU AND HOME, by            
First Line: Your laugh merrily ringing from pansy bed
Last Line: By music of an understanding voice.
Subject(s): Prayer

Your laugh merrily ringing from pansy bed
Finds me hurt by experience unkind as I
Reach my haven of heart's content and you.
Into the wavering flame of sunset, eager
Desire urges the weary mind. I voice
"Thank God, dear heart, you possess the tone
That heals with silvery peal my smarting sense.
Did you, from fragrance of golden bloom, with quick
Intuitive thought, realize my aching need
And soothe with instant music, clear and sweet,
Finely celestial as thin line of light?"
Responsive, I bow my head and lift my heart
To the source of consolation and of love
Divine, that so encircles helpless men
With walls of holy strength for impoverished folk
And demonstrates this power through wordless voice.
Dear heart, never shall I cease to wonder
At perception of sweetheart always true,
Soothing a hurt, unexpressed and deep,
By music of an understanding voice.

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