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First Line: I'm going to whoop you, sammy taylor
Last Line: Guess you will, you rascal, you.
Subject(s): African Americans; Family Life; Negroes; American Blacks; Relatives

I'M goin' to whoop you, Sammy Taylor,
Done gone eat nigh half my pie!
"Please Ma, honest, no I never,"
Hesh dat tellin' me dat lie!

Here's de prints uv dirty fingahs,
As you tilted up de lid;
Here, you smeared de plate wid grape juice;
"Nom' I didn't" Yes you did!

Ma'ch yourse'f right in dis kitchen!
"Please, I didn't steal it Mum,
See, I've been out hunting bird eggs,
Jest got back afore you come."

Hunting bird eggs! didn't I tell you
Dat 'twas wrong to pester birds?
Thought I told you to mind Viney,
Don't you say another word!

Den you didn't steal de grape-pie,
Do some meanness doe you would;
Wonder, den, if Viney eat it?
Ef she did, I'll whoop her good.

Viney!. -- "Ma'am!" -- Ma'ch in dis kitchen;
Taint no use fo' you to cry;
I can see as plain as daylight,
Dat 'twus you dit eat de pie.

Eat dat pie Miss Julie sent me,
When Jim cya'ed de washin' home!
You knowed dat you'd got yo' po'tion,
Ef you went an' left it 'lone.

Ef you wont hear to Miss Vi'let,
Whut she teach in Sunday School,
Den I'll try anothah method,
I will whoop you to de rule.

Where's my switch? Jest ti'ed uv foolin;
Ought to done dis long befo!
0-o-o! Please Ma dont whoop no harder,
Honest! I wont steal no mo'!

Sit right down da' in dat cornah;
Stop dat sniffin'! wipe dat nose!
Ef I'd set, and let you do it,
Next you'd eat de house I s'pose.

An' you's been out huntin' bird eggs,
Spite uv all I said to you,
When I told you to mind Viney!
Dah, now! Dah! "Please, Mammie, oo-o-o!

"'I wont never steal no bird eggs,
Please quit whoopin' Mammie, do
I'll mind Viney good, the next time!
Guess you will, you rascal, you.

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