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First Line: Once, the mighty waves of ocean
Last Line: Slight the pearl of greatest price.
Subject(s): Pearls

ONCE, the mighty waves of ocean,
Washed to shore, a precious pearl;.
Tossed it, hidden half with sea-weeds,
To our dingy, sordid, world --

On the beach, four little children,
Each engaged in sportive play,
Piling sand, or hunting sea-shells,
Idly, passed the time away.

One, while hunting 'mid the sea-weeds,
For the shells, in childish play,
In his lack of understanding,
Found, but tossed the pearl away.

Then, anon, his brother found it,
Treasured it away with mirth,
But, when burden down with sea-shells
He too, cast it to the earth.

Then at length the third child found it,
Hoarded it within his hand,
But in search of showier treasures
Likewise, tossed it to the sand.

Lastly came the fourth child meekly,
And the precious pearl he found,
Joyfully, he grasped the jewel,
Flung his sea-shells to the ground.

For he valued high the jewel,
That his brother, late had spurned,
And his wise consideration
Fruitful compensation earned.

Ah! how many grown up children,
Figuring in the play of life,
In the search of gold or pastime,
Slight the Pearl of Greatest Price.

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