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THE AVIATOR, by                    
First Line: I'll don my helmet and flying gear
Last Line: Swift and sure and clean.
Subject(s): Aviation & Aviators; Death; Life; Sky; Dead, The

I'll don my helmet and flying gear
And climb to the starry sky.
I found the greatest joy in life
When I learned that I could fly.

My spirit rises free
Amid the azure height.
And there I know the feel of power
That an eagle knows in flight.

I wave my hand to the cheering throng
As through the clouds I soar,
But the cheers are never as sweet to me
As the hum of a motor's roar.

I would not trade the sky
For all the world below.
For it is there I found a power,
That a king can never know.

There my life is in my hands,
And no man can bid it stay
If I fail to control the power
Over which I hold my sway.

But death must come to all
And it always comes unseen.
So here's to a death that comes
Swift and sure and clean.

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