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BITTER SWEET, by            
First Line: Braided locks,' gaunt old cheyenne indian
Last Line: "into the skull and gloated, ""much good honey."
Subject(s): Native Americans; Indians Of America; American Indians; Indians Of South America

"Braided Locks," gaunt old Cheyenne Indian,
Took me to the place today.
"There," he said, pointing with skinny finger,
"Big Bull, the Sioux chief, sleeps, but cannot rest."
Four poles erect against the somber sky—
These held the grave, a grotesque place to lie.

"When blood ran hot, we fought because we hated,
A bitter hate that filled our veins with gall.
His arrow pierced my eye; now see these sockets
That serve as doorways for the honey bees."
I thought of pirates on a ghostly hull,
As bees wove in and out the staring skull.

"So now I eat his flesh and drink his blood,"
He grunted as he smoked the bees, until,
Drugged to quiescence, they ceased their protestations
And suffered him to sack their horrid home.
He thrust a copper paw, 'twas almost funny,
Into the skull and gloated, "Much good honey."

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