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DEIRDRE'S FAREWELL TO ALBA, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: O land, land of my heart
Last Line: But now I go with my lover!

OLAND, Land of my heart,
There sinks my joy in the waters!
O Alba, ne'er would I leave thee,
But now I go with my lover!

I waft farewell o'er the waters
To you, Dun-finn and Dun-fiagh,
My love to the hills above you,
My love to the isle of Drayno!

O wood of Cone, green wood
Where Ainli roved in the morning,
Too short the days that I sigh for,
No more in Alba with Naisi!

Glen of Laith, Glen of Laith,
Where warm I slept in thy covert,
On badger's brawn and on venison
You feasted me, Glen of Laith!

Glen Masan, Glen Masan,
Long grow the leaves of thy hart's-tongues;
But never more shall ye rock me,
O grassy creeks of Masan!

But thou, Glen Eta, Glen Eta,
Where first I ordered my homestead,
O happy thou mad'st my rising,
Sweet nook of the sun, Glen Eta!

Glen of the Roes, Glen-da-Rua,
Blest be the man who loves thee!
Sweet shouts over bending branches
The cuckoo in Glen-da-Rua!

O Drayno of sounding shore,
White gleams the sand through thy water,
Dear Drayno, ne'er would I leave thee,
But now I go with my lover!

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