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INSATIABLENESS, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: No walls confine! Can nothing hold my mind
Last Line: One infinite.
Subject(s): Greed; Soul; Avarice; Cupidity



No walls confine! Can nothing hold my mind?
Can I no rest nor satisfaction find?
Must I behold eternity
And see
What things above the heavens be?
Will nothing serve the turn?
Nor earth, nor seas, nor skies?
Till I what lies
In time's beginning find:
Must I till then forever burn?


Not all the crowns; not all the heaps of gold
On earth; not all the tales that can be told,
Will satisfaction yield to me:
Nor tree,
Nor shade, nor sun, nor Eden, be
A joy: nor gems in gold
(Be't pearl or precious stone),
Nor spring, nor flowers,
Answer my craving powers,
Nor anything that eyes behold.


Till I what was before all time descry,
The world's beginning seems but vanity.
My soul doth there long thoughts extend;
No end
Doth find, or being comprehend:
Yet somewhat sees that is
The obscure shady face
Of endless space,
All room within; where I
Expect to meet eternal bliss.



This busy, vast, inquiring soul
Brooks no control,
No limits will endure,
Nor any rest: it will all see,
Not time alone, but even eternity.
What is it? Endless sure.


'Tis mean ambition to desire
A single world:
To many I aspire,
Tho one upon another hurl'd;
Nor will they all, if they be all confin'd,
Delight my mind.


This busy, vast, inquiring soul
Brooks no control:
'Tis hugely curious too.
Each one of all those worlds must be
Enrich'd with infinite variety
And worth; or 'twill not do.


'Tis nor delight nor perfect pleasure
To have a purse
That hath a bottom of its treasure,
Since I must thence endless expense disburse.
Sure there's a GOD (for else there's no delight),
One infinite.

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