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IN MEMORIAM, by            
First Line: True builders of the state were they
Last Line: As toilers, friends—as mothers, wives.
Subject(s): Memory; Pioneers

Mrs. Jane Lathrop Stanford and Mrs. Ellen Mason Colton Sequoia Chapter, D. A. R.

True builders of the state were they,
The sisters whom we mourn to-day;
Builders who laid foundations wide
In homes, the state's defense and pride;
In homes whence high ideals might flow,
Quickening all life to brighter glow;
Builders who laid foundations deep
In works which still their purpose keep;
In works for public weal outwrought,
Rich in the fruits of anxious thought,
Rich in the stores of wealth outpoured
For human good, a sacred hoard.

Such builders of the state were they
As were their fathers in the day
When this young nation made its own
Th' Atlantic wilderness unknown.
On houseless shores these women stood
And wrought in faith of future good;
True pioneers with steady tread,
When sacrifice was daily bread;
Worthy their names to live beside
Their fathers' who in service died.
Unto their ashes honor be
From every child of liberty.
Each daughter of Sequoia lays
Upon their names her meed of praise;
We reverence give unto their lives,
As toilers, friends—as mothers, wives.

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