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First Line: Tells the cumbrous page historic how the missions rose / and fell
Last Line: As loved tagus or as darro from granada's rugged steep.
Subject(s): Andalusia, Spain; History; Missions & Missionaries; Sea Voyages; Historians

Tells the cumbrous page historic how the Missions rose and fell,
Founded by the Frays Franciscan—long their souls in heaven dwell!

How in wretched caravels the padres came from Mejico,
Churchly gifts and treasures bearing o'er the long waves dipping slow;

How when 'midst the dreary voyage storms hissed o'er the blackened sea,
Calm their O Regina mingled with that fearful minstrelsy.

Fair as vale of Andalusia to their ocean-weary eyes,
California spread her beauties 'neath a tent of cloudless skies.

Rich as Spain's oft-chanted vegas lay her valleys undefiled,
And recalled their own Nevadas, white Sierras far and wild.

To them seemed the mountain torrents, rushing down the cañons deep,
As loved Tagus or as Darro from Granada's rugged steep.

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