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DAYS OF MY YOUTH, by                     Poet's Biography
Last Line: Be ye fixed on your god
Subject(s): Aging

DAYS of my youth,
''a''aYe have glided away;
Hairs of my youth,
''a''aYe are frosted and gray;

Eyes of my youth,
''a''aYour keen sight is no more;
Cheeks of my youth,
''a''aYe are furrowed all o'er;
Strength of my youth,

''a''aAll your vigor is gone;
Thoughts of my youth,
''a''aYour gay visions are flown.
Days of my youth,
''a''aI wish not your recall;

Hairs of my youth,
''a''aI 'm content ye should fall;
Eyes of my youth,
''a''aYou much evil have seen;
Cheeks of my youth,

''a''aBathed in tears have you been;
Thoughts of my youth,
''a''aYou have led me astray;
Strength of my youth,
''a''aWhy lament your decay?

Days of my age,
''a''aYe will shortly be past;
Pains of my age,
''a''aYet awhile ye can last;
Joys of my age,

''a''aIn true wisdom delight;
Eyes of my age,
''a''aBe religion your light;
Thoughts of my age,
''a''aDread ye not the cold sod;

Hopes of my age,
''a''aBe ye fixed on your God.

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