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First Line: I mind me it was this very room
Last Line: Where is my lover? Where is my lover?
Subject(s): Solitude; Loneliness


I mind me it was this very room,
I was making bread at the table there.
"It's a fine wife that you'd make," he said,
Then she came by with her curly hair.

Queer how life goes. Why I might have
A man, and a brood of boys and girls,
If she had only made the bread,
And I had had the yellow curls!


A single woman's a lonesome thing, --
Often I'm lonely day and night.
I miss, when the world's on fire with spring,
Another face in the candle light.

And yet when I see some lad I knew,
With a wife who's tired to death of him,
I know that dreams that never come true
Are better than dreams all broken and dim.


It's a mournful tune the rain is making,
Over and over, over and over.
Will it never have done at my window?
Where is your lover? Where is your lover?

And why should I know or care where he is?
Except for the rain I'd not be thinking
Of him, "Good riddance," my people said,
"He with his lights o' love, and his drinking."

"Good riddance," they said. Lord, Lord, how it rains!
I should be thankful enough for a cover
Above my head, and a fire to warm me, --
Over and over. Where is your lover?

I had my pride as a girl should have.
I have it still. If I am crying,
It's the rain. I'd shed no tears for him,
And his smiling lips that were made for lying.

It's a morunful tune the rain is making.
Over and over, over and over.
While the fire burns low, and the ashes fall.
Where is my lover? Where is my lover?

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