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HERE ENDETH THE FIRST LESSON, by                    
First Line: You call that beauty, child? That regular
Last Line: (well, kittens' eyes will open, left alone!)
Subject(s): Beauty

You call that beauty, child? that regular
Sweet rounded line of hip and breast and chin?
That dainty cheek, whose dimples are set in
At just the spot where dimples rightly are?
-- There sat with me last night a woman far
From ordered loveliness, on whose pale skin,
On whose beleaguered eyelids, bruised and thin,
Beauty had fallen like a scimitar --

This that you dote on, child, is but a Thing
Which Beauty may choose out to carve her own
Wild, secret lines upon -- which she may fling
Untouched aside. Her ways are all unknown,
Unprophesied. -- You are not following?
(Well, kittens' eyes will open, left alone!)

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