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BEAU NASH, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Alas, alas!' said moschus in his woe
Last Line: Long have such honours slept, and may not reawake!
Subject(s): "nash, Richard (""beau"") (1674-1762);

'Alas, alas!' said Moschus in his woe,
When Bion died, 'he comes not back to sing
His songs, nor other lip his notes can bring
From the same pipe.' So Bath regrets her Beau:
Her waters bubble upward without stop,
Each market sees her flowers and fruits replaced;
Potherbs and roses - plums of every taste -
And peaches, brimming with ambrosial slop;
All this repeats itself, a constant birth;
But mighty Nash, strong-willed and bold and shrewd,
Who awed and charmed that modish multitude,
Hath found no heirs, and to the hollow earth
Bequeaths his fame; for none his place may take; -
Long have such honours slept, and may not reawake!

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