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SOLITUDE, by            
First Line: O, mountain, wearing diadem of stars
Last Line: Dark mountain, where pale dogwood waits for spring.
Subject(s): Despair; Dreams; Mountains; Solitude; Nightmares; Hills; Downs (great Britain); Loneliness


O, Mountain, wearing diadem of stars --
I am content to be with you tonight.
The valley at your feet is robed in light;
But I would linger here where nothing mars
The tranquil peace, and where the moon lays spars
Of pearl upon the lake, as thoughts take flight
Across approaching years to distant height --
Where one may step beyond routine's grim bars.

Upon a mountain's breast, in some remote
And lovely place, where thought could gently soar --
One might forget the pain that love can bring,
When hearts that were attuned strike discord's note;
The dreams one had might come to life once more;
And even death might lose its ghastly sting.


Some fear the silence of a pine draped hill,
And in their terror huddle with the crowd.
Like frightened sheep, they cringe and bleat aloud.
But I would walk alone, and know the thrill
Of rising moon above a mountain rill --
And I would watch the mist lay silver shroud
Upon a mountain peak serene and proud;
And peace would come to me while standing still.

My world is scarred by pain, despair, and need!
I spend my life among a motley throng;
And yet at break of day when robins sing,
A halo shines above the strife and greed.
If I am wise I, too, will keep my song --
Dark mountain, where pale dogwood waits for spring.

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