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First Line: The sweetest seraph's softest smiles
Last Line: Shall fail to fan fierce fancy's fire.
Alternate Author Name(s): Old Simon; S.
Subject(s): Alliterative Verse

Fond Frederick to Fanny, False, Fair

THE sweetest Seraph's softest smile,
The gorgeous gems of gentle grace,
The slippery serpent's scathful stile
Frequent false Fanny's flattering face.

Headstrong with hazy halcyon hope,
I follow fond the fickle fair;
Nor shun the sudden, stunning stroke,
Which drives me deep in dank despair.

The golden glorious glowing globe,
Which splendid Sol sublimely shews,
Nor Night's noctural nimbose node,
Distilling diuretick dews.

Her eulogy can't e'en express,
When cherub Cupid's cheer her charms,
When bounteous beauty's bent to bless
Her aw'd adorer's amorous arms.

Nor systems, suns, nor sparkling stars,
In confus'd Chaos countervolved,
Could ape the ambling of her airs,
When random ruin she resolved.

Fair Fanny's fame shall flourish far,
Till teazed time shall, toiling, tire;
And Daphne, Delia, Dorcas dear,
Shall fail to fan fierce Fancy's fire.

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