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VAUXHALL GARDENS, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: There, beneath the evening star
Last Line: And chasten'd pleasures foots it there!
Alternate Author Name(s): Old Simon; S.
Subject(s): Boston; Gardens & Gardening; Vauxhall Gardens, London

The Bostonians are engaged with their characteristic ardour, "for
something new," in laying out an elegant, extensive public garden
decorated with an orchestra, and rotunda, upon the model of
Vauxhall Gardens, in London. We cordially wish success
to this Summer seat of recreation.

THERE, beneath the evening star,
The lawyer, swelt'ring from the bar,
Shall bid the thund'ring tongue to cease,
And there "join issue" with SWEET PEACE.
While learned Doctors bless the ground,
Which bids the flush of health go round;
And while, all hale, their patients live,
Find there that health, they cannot give.
The merchants, while its walks they range,
Forget the check, forget the "change";
And, more their pleasures to enhance,
While he, who thrives on money lent,
Shall find in pleasure cent per cent;
Industry too shall there unbrace
The arm of toil, and wash his face,
And laugh, as down the walks he roves,
With spousey in her Sunday clothes.
There Feds shall cease to charge the Antis,
With making Frenchmen rule brave yankees;
And Antis cease to war with Feds,
With spit, and tongs, and breaking heads.
But leaving LION in his den,
Shall pace the walks, LIKE GENTLEMEN.

While groups of social life shall there
Quaff that cool draught of evening air,
Which bounteous Nature gives away,
To cool the sultry heat of day.
Whilst music joys the raptur'd air,
And CHASTEN'D PLEASURES foots it there!

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