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First Line: This is just the weather, a wet may and blowing
Last Line: "god send fine weather to carry home the sheaves!"
Alternate Author Name(s): Hinkson, Katharine Tynan
Subject(s): Death; Farm Life; Fathers; God; Memory; Piety; Trust; Weather; Dead, The; Agriculture; Farmers

THIS is just the weather, a wet May and blowing,
All the shining, shimmering leaves tossing low and high,
When my father used to say: " 'Twill be the great mowing!
God's weather's good weather, be it wet or dry."

Blue were his eyes and his cheeks were so ruddy,
He was out in all weathers, up and down the farm;
With the pleasant smile and the word for a wet body:
"Sure, the weather's God's weather. Who can take the harm?"

With a happy word he'd silence all repining
While the hay lay wet in field and the cattle died,
When the rain rained every day and no sun was shining:
"Ah, well, God is good," he'd say, even while he sighed.

In the parched summer with the corn not worth saving,
Every field bare as your hand and the beasts to feed,
Still he kept his heart up, when other folk were raving:
"God will send the fodder; 'tis He that knows the need."

A wet May, a wild May; he used to rise up cheery
In the grey of the morning for market and for fair.
Now he sleeps the whole year long, though days be bright, be dreary,
In God's weather that's good weather he sleeps without a care.

Now, 'tis just the weather, a wild May and weeping,
How the blackbird sang and sang 'mid the tossing leaves!
When my father used to say: " 'Twill be the great reaping;
God send fine weather to carry home the sheaves!"

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