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A SONG OF ST. ANNE, by             Poem Explanation         Poet's Biography
First Line: Our lady in cold stable lay
Last Line: And the rose-leaf of his hand.
Alternate Author Name(s): Hinkson, Katharine Tynan
Subject(s): Jesus Christ; Mary. Mother Of Jesus; Saints; Women - Bible; Virgin Mary

OUR LADY in cold stable lay,
The Babe was pinched with cold:
St. Anne of Auray's clad like May
In the green silk and the gold.

Her cloak is set with glittering gem,
And sewn with pearls a-thread;
Too heavy her crusted diadem,
For one old Granny's head.

The priests they sing; the banners gleam,
The music swells and dies;
But she has gotten a golden dream
Behind her painted eyes.

As she goes up, and she goes down,
Within her dream she sees
Lord Jesus in a swaddling gown
Upon Our Lady's knees.

They fling her many a bough and bloom
And roses for her floor;
But she is seeing a hidden room,
And the sun in at the door.

The vines shake on the trellises
And the shadows on the wall;
The dove bidding a golden peace
To her girl, slender and tall.

The dreaming turns and shifts mayhap,
And oh, the dream is blest!
A Child creeps to His Granny's lap;
His head lies on her breast.

She sings a sleepy song and low,
Such songs as women use
Rocking the small Thing to and fro,
In the dusk hour and the dews.

St. Anne of Auray blesses the ships,
She blesses the sea and land:
She feels the touch of a young child's lips
And the rose-leaf of his hand.

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